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How to add forms to a resource collection

Share forms via a resource collection so your clients can access them anytime they want. They also can submit a form multiple times.

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1. Add Forms as a Resource

Step 1: Navigate to the Studio page from the left-side menu bar. On the 'Resource' page, after clicking on the + Add Resource button, you can choose to add a form.

Step 2: Once you’ve selected a form to add, all you need to do is add a resource name and a cover image (optional). Below is what it looks like when adding a form.

2. Add Forms to a Resource Collection

You can add a resource for forms to any resource collection by following these steps.

Step 1: To create a Resource Collection, simply click on the Create button at the bottom of the Resources page, or click on + Add Collection on the Resource Collections page.

Step 2: Customize your new collection by adding a title. This will help you remember which group of clients this collection is for.

Step 3: To add form resources, simply click on the + Add Resource button, and you will be shown your library of resources to choose from.

Step 4: Select the forms you want to add to your new collection. You can have a maximum of 25 resources per Collection.

Step 5: Lastly, name your section. This is the title your clients will see on their Coaching page (see below).

3. What your Clients will Experience

Once your client has been added to a Collection, they will see the Resources section show up on their 'Coaching' tab. The cover image of Resources will show the image of the first resource.

And once they open the collection, all the forms you have prepared for them will be available one easy tap away!

4. View client responses

On the client app

Once your client completes and submits a form, they will be able to view what they’ve submitted on the You page under the Forms & Questionnaires section.

On the coach app

From the coach app, you can open up a client’s profile, click on the ‘Others’ tab, and view all their submissions under “Forms and Questionnaires”.

On the web platform

From the Responses tab of a form, you will be able to view the submission of each client. For each client, if they have multiple submissions, you can click on the dropdown to choose a date and time for the one you wanted to view.

You can also click on the “Summary” tab to view the form’s statistics.

From the client dashboard, you can open up the Documents tab to view all the completed forms of each client. When you click to view the form, it will take you to the responses page.

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