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Comment on a Form’s individual response
Comment on a Form’s individual response

Coaches and clients can comment on a form’s individual response

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Review all clients’ responses and leave your feedback/comments on a form’s response in one place. A convenient and efficient way to communicate and engage with them within the context of the form responses.

On the web app

Within the Responses tab of a form, you'll find an interactive Comments option available. By clicking on it, you can easily share messages directly with your clients.

You have the option to enhance your messages by attaching a video, image, or GIF in the comment. This allows you to bring more vibrancy and fun to your conversations.

On the mobile apps

Both coaches and clients can comment directly on a form submission by clicking on the ‘Comment’ bubble.


To foster efficient and effective communication, when a client adds a comment, a notification will be promptly delivered to the assigned coach. Similarly, if a coach adds a comment, the client will receive a notification as well.

By receiving timely notifications, everyone involved can stay informed and promptly respond to any necessary actions or inquiries.

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