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Export Form Responses as PDF
Export Form Responses as PDF

Export your clients’ form responses as PDF files hassle-free.

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Streamline the process of gathering data and effortlessly sharing comprehensive reports, improving organizational efficiency and productivity.

On the web app

Within the Responses tab of a form, you'll find a Print option available. By clicking on it, you can easily export an individual form response as PDF in seconds.

You can easily print or download the PDF to your computer, enabling seamless access to the information you need for effective data analysis and collaboration.

On the mobile apps

With just a few taps, both coaches and clients can effortlessly export form responses directly from the mobile apps. This feature simplifies the process of retrieving and sharing form data, ensuring convenient access and seamless collaboration for all users.

Coach app

When viewing a client’s form response, you can click on the ‘...’ button at the top right corner to print that response as PDF.

Within a matter of seconds, the printable PDF is swiftly processed and prepared for your use. Once ready, you have the option to download it to your phone, print it, or easily share it with others, ensuring quick access and seamless distribution of the document.

Client app

Just like in the coach app, you can locate the option to export responses by tapping on the '...' button located at the top right corner of a submission. Within a few seconds, a PDF version of the response will be generated and ready for export.

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