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How to Create Forms & Questionnaires
How to Create Forms & Questionnaires

Create different types of forms and questionnaires to engage with customers on a deeper level, and boost their training journey.

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Quick Links:

1. Create New Form

You can find the Form library from the left navigation bar. Here you will see forms you created, forms created by your team, and archived forms.

From the Form library, click on the “Create New Form” button.

When the pop-up appears, click on "Start from scratch".

Then you can input the form name, select the owner, and choose whether to share it with your team. When you’re done, click on ‘Add New'.

A form builder shows up and you can click on the “+” sign to add questions and customize your form.

Once you have completed the form, you can click to view a preview in the top right corner. Here you can see a preview of how the form displays on the client app.

5. Finally, click the ‘Publish’ button at the top right corner. You will need to add at least one question in order to publish the form. Only published forms can be added to a task or resource.

6. You can simply drag and drop to reorder the questions on the left panel. Any changes you make to a published form will sync with the clients’ assigned tasks and resource collections automatically.

Create from Form Templates

When creating a new form, simply select any option from the Form Templates to effortlessly build your own form. There are 2 templates at this time

  • Welcome Form

  • Medical History/PAR-Q Form (with signature)

Then you can review and customize anything from the list of premade questions to your needs before clicking the "Publish" button to make it available to assign to your clients.

2. Types of questions

There are 7 types of questions:

  1. Single choice

  2. Multiple choice

  3. Linear scale

  4. Short answer

  5. Long answer

  6. Signature

  7. Text and Image

  8. Date

  9. Metric

Welcome screen

The welcome screen is optional and doesn’t count as a question. You can add a title and description if needed, and customize the settings.

On the right panel, you will be able to change the question type, choose a button background, edit the button label, and upload a custom background.

Note: You can only have one welcome screen for each form.

Single choice question

Clients can only choose one response from a predetermined list you define.

You can name your question, add a description, and type in different options for clients to choose from. Simply ‘enter’ to add another option or click the ‘Add option’ button.

From the right panel, you can change the question type, make the question ‘required’ and add an ‘other’ option.

Multiple choice question

Respondents can choose multiple answer options from a predetermined list you define. From the right panel, you can change the question type, make the question ‘required’ and add an ‘other’ option.

Linear scale questions

Allow responders to provide a numeric response to a statement or a question. Right now, the start point can be 0 or 1, and the end point can be from 5 to 10. The start and end points of the linear scales can be labeled to provide a reference for the users.

Short answer questions

Require clients to construct a brief response in less than 40 characters.

Long answer questions

Require clients to write detailed answers in response to open-ended questions.


Image and Text

A novel format that includes both images and text, with no client response required, aids coaches in segmenting questions while allowing clients to preview the information or requirements provided by the coach before moving on to the next question.


Require clients to input responses in Date format. From the right panel, you can change the question type, make the question ‘required’, or make the response synced to the client's Date of Birth (up to 1 question with the "Sync with Date of Birth" setting enabled in a Form).


Require clients to input a number as a metric value for their response. From the right panel, you can change the question type, make the question ‘required’, select any metrics from the metric dropdown, or make the response synced to the client's metric.

3. Assign a form to clients

4. View Forms Responses

From the Responses tab of a form, you will be able to view the submission of each client. For each client, if they have multiple submissions, you can click on the dropdown to choose a date and time of the one you wanted to view.

You can also click on the “Summary” tab to view the form’s statistics.

From the client dashboard, you can open up the Documents tab to view all the completed forms of each client. When you click to view the form, it will take you to the responses page.

5. View Responses on the Coach App

From the coach app, you can open up a client’s profile, click on the ‘Others’ tab, and view all their submissions from “Forms and Questionnaires”.

For a form task, you can click on a completed task to view the submission.

Check out Everfit Forms & Questionnaires Tutorials here.

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