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Client app: Submit Forms & Questionnaires
Client app: Submit Forms & Questionnaires

Submit the assigned forms or questionnaires through tasks or resource collections.

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Start a form

You can conveniently locate all the forms and questionnaires your coach has assigned to your account within the Tasks or Resources section.

Just click the 'Start Form' button to begin filling out the form and proceed through all the questions.

Save progress

During the form completion process, if you need to pause and return to it later, you'll be prompted to choose between canceling the submission or saving your progress.

Opting for 'Save my progress' allows you to access the partially completed form along with its completion percentage. You can easily resume the form by clicking on the form itself or using the "Continue" button.

Note: Forms in progress are automatically removed 30 days from the time of the most recent saved progress.

View form submissions

You can navigate to the "You" tab and locate all the forms you've either completed or have in progress in the "Forms & Questionnaires" section.

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