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How to upload demo photos and videos, edit exercise instructions, and customize tracking fields

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We make it super easy for you to provide your customers with a personalized experience with your own instructions, pictures, and videos.

To start adding or editing an exercise, navigate to the Library tab on the left-side menu then click on the (+) Add New Exercise button on the right side of the screen.

Add videos:

1. Youtube links:

You can instantly add a Youtube link to Everfit.

2. Vimeo links:

If you are using a private Vimeo link, check out this guide on how to play your video on Everfit.

3. Upload your own video files

You can also add your own videos directly from your computer!

File types supported: .mp4, .mov, .flv, .3gp, .avi

File size limit: 120 MB


⭐ You can also edit exercises in the Exercise Library and from a client's Training Calendar. Both methods will access and save changes to your Exercise Library and provide seamless delivery of exercise information to your clients.

Add Photos

You can add up to 4 photos to each exercise to highlight the form and a quick visual cue for your clients. Rearrange the order to your desire with drag and drop.

Understand Exercise Category

Each default category has a set of tracking fields. You can even edit these tracking fields to adapt to your training style.

Strength: weight x reps

Bodyweight: reps

Timed: time

Distance (short): Distance (short) x time

Distance (long): Distance (long) x time

Customize tracking fields for an exercise (ex: RPE)

You can choose up to 3 fields and arrange the order of the tracking field to your preference with drag and drop.

Edit an existing exercise

You can left-click on any exercise in the library to start customizing. When you edit one of the exercises from Everfit's system library, the exercise will be converted to a custom exercise (showing a checkmark on the Custom column of your exercise library).

Sort and search exercises

You can easily sort the exercise library by name, primary focus, category, most recent accessed, or if the exercise is custom (your customized exercises). If you have a certain exercise in mind, just type the exercise name in the search bar.

Remove an exercise

You may remove any system exercises by choosing 'Hide' and remove custom exercises by choosing 'Delete' from the menu. 

You can also hide exercises in bulk to clean your library.

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