There are two ways you can assign a training program to a client. 

You can assign multiple clients from the Program Overview (read more here) or a single client from a client’s Training Calendar.

How to assign a program from the Training Calendar.

From the Training Calendar

  1. Choose a day to begin the program

  2. Hover on the + button, and select Add program.

  3. Choose a program.

  4. Click select.

The program will be added to your client's training calendar automatically. You can then make any individual adjustments you'd like.

View assigned programs

On the navigation bar, you can see the current or upcoming program for a client. Click into the "..." menu button to view the entire list of assigned programs and dates for which they are assigned.

If for some reason you need to remove a program from client...

  1. Click "…" next to the program title.

  2. Click the trashcan icon.

  3. Click remove.

Ta-dah! We made this easy so you can spend more time doing whatever you love.

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