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Assign a program to multiple clients

How to assign a program to multiple clients at once.

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There are two ways you can assign a training program to a client. 

You can assign to multiple clients from the Program Overview or a single client from a client’s Training Calendar (read more here).

How to assign to clients from the program overview

From the Program Library.

  1. Choose a program.

  2. Click Assign Program.

  3. Choose your client(s). You can also search by the "Group" tag for clients.

  4. Choose the 'Starting on' date, for which date to begin assigning the program on a client's calendar.

  5. Choose the 'Starting at' day to decide which day of the program to start assigning for clients. The default will be day 1 of the program.

  6. Choose the 'Ending on' day for the last day of the program to assign. The default is the last day of the program.

  7. Click Assign.

The program will be added to your client's training calendar automatically. You can then make any individual adjustments you'd like.

View list of assigned clients

From the navigation bar, you can open up a window to see all clients that have been assigned the program and also those who have completed the program.

To remove a client from a program...

  1. Click "…" to view the list of clients.

  2. Select the client you’d like to remove.

  3. From their training calendar click "…" next to the program title.

  4. Click the trashcan icon.

  5. Click remove.

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