What is Live Sync?

How to supercharge your training with Live Sync

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What is Live Sync?

Live sync allows clients to receive program updates in instantly. Saving you valuable time when running programs with many clients.

How does it work?

When you enable Live Sync for a program any changes you make in that program will automatically show up in your client's training calendar. So if you're running a training program for 100 clients, you don't have to make changes to all 100 individual accounts. Thank goodness πŸ˜…

And of course, if you'd like to edit a program without having changes affect your clients' Training Calendars, simply disable Live Sync and edit away.

How to Enable/Disable Live Sync

  1. Navigate to the Program sub-tab under Library on the left-side menu.

  2. Select a program on your list that you would like to change the settings for Live Sync.

  3. Click on the Live Sync toggle located on the right upper section of the screen to enable or disable Live Sync for the program. A pop-up screen will appear to confirm your selection for the settings.

Once enabled, all clients assigned to that program will get real-time updates for workouts today and onwards that have not yet been logged. Any changes you make to the program will appear in your clients' Training Calendars instantly.

Use Case #1: What if I need to make a specific change for just one client?

That's a great question! You may have a few clients that you do want to make individual changes for. To do this you just need to make sure you make these changes AFTER adjusting the entire program.

Let's walk through a quick example.

You're running a program with 25 clients. You want to add an extra high-intensity cardio workout to the program, but you have one client, Bruce, that should avoid high-intensity cardio due to a knee injury.Β 

  1. Go to the Program Overview and turn Live Sync off.

  2. Add the cardio workout to the program, review, then turn Live Sync on.

  3. Go to Bruce's profile and remove the workout from his training calendar. Replace it with a low impact cardio workout instead.

Remember that any changes made to a program will be reflected on all client training calendars. So if you are making adjustments for individual clients be sure to make those adjustments after editing your program.

Use Case #2: Using Live Sync and 1RM%

This feature works great when coupled with the Automated Progression feature, which uses %1RM to assign weight in workouts. In the same time it takes to program for one client, you will be able to program for an unlimited number of clients, all at once. Learn more about Automated Progression here.

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