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Add An Alternate Exercise

Create a workout with multiple exercise options.

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What are Alternate Exercises?

Alternate exercises give clients the flexibility to choose from a variety of options during a live workout session. This approach is highly effective in designing a single workout that accommodates all your clients, catering to different ability levels and available equipment.

How to add default alternate exercises

Through the exercise library or workout builder, you can find the default alternate exercises setting in the "Advanced Settings" section of an exercise profile. This feature will automatically link alternate exercises to the main exercise when you add it to a workout.

You can also rearrange the order of exercises by dragging and dropping them according to your preference.

How to add alternate exercises for a single workout

From a client's training calendar

  1. Add an exercise or choose an existing exercise

  2. Click ...

  3. Select Alternate Exercises

  4. Search and select desired exercises

  5. Save and review your changes

This change will only be reflected in this single workout.

What the clients see

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