You've been tracking your workouts through Everfit, and you are curious how you have been progress for each exercise. There are a few ways to check your exercise history data.

From your Exercise History List

1. Navigate to the 'You' tab and tap on "Your Exercises"

2. This will show a list of the exercises you have completed during workouts. From here you can search or sort the exercises based on what you are looking for.

3. Tap on the name of the exercise to view all the data you have logged for the exercise. You will find a chart that maps out the maxes you have done for the exercises on each day.

4. To view the instructions for each exercise, on the same List of exercises, tap on the thumbnail of the exercise to open the Exercise information pop-up.

During a Workout

You can also see the historic logs of what you have done for each exercise during a workout. All you need to do is look for the "history" button.

Once you tap on the button, it will open up the same pop-up with a list of all the times you have logged data for the exercise.

From the Workout Result

When you are looking at your workout result, not only can you see what you did for an exercise during that workout, you can also take a look at what you did for previous workouts.

All you have to do is tap on the name of the exercise, and a pop-up will open with a list of all the data for that exercise.

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