Introducing: Free Trial Package
Create a trial period for your one-time or recurring subscriptions
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How to Create a Free Trial

  1. When setting up the pricing for a package, you will find the “Allow Trial Period” option under Advanced Settings.

2. Click on the toggle to enable the trial option for your package. The trial duration will be 7 days by default, but you can click on the dropdown to change it.

3. You can choose whether to archive the clients when the trial is canceled by checking the box under the setting. Click on ‘Update Pricing’ when you’re done.

4. On the package overview page, it will show the trial period set under Pricing.

5. Once your package is ready and ‘Published’, you can share the package link with your clients to make a purchase.

What your clients see

After clicking on the package link, your clients can view the package information as usual and input their payment details to proceed with the purchase. With a trial period available, your client will only be charged at the end of the trial.

Once your clients activate their purchase, the package’s products (if any) will be automatically assigned to them. However, the product’s access duration only starts counting after the trial ends.

After the trial, if a client’s payment fails, their subscription and products will be automatically canceled.

Payment Activity

On the Payment Activity section, there will be a ‘Trial’ filter available for you to sort any payment activity related to clients on a trial period.

Package Analytics

Open your package and click to view the Analytics page.

On the Package’s Analytics page, you will be able to see which clients are on trial indicated by their status (highlighted in yellow).

When you click to open up a trial subscription, you will see when a trial starts and ends with a specific number of days left.

There won’t be any invoices showing up here because the client hasn’t been charged yet.

Trial statistics

When you switch to the Trial tab, you can view the statistics for new trials from the last 30 days.

Simply hover over the columns to see a specific number of trials on each day.

Different lists explained

  1. The ‘Active purchases’ list will show all Paid and Trial subscriptions

  2. The ‘Trial’ list will only show Trial subscriptions. If there are no clients currently on their trial period, the Trial list will not appear.

  3. The ‘Cancelled’ list includes all Paid and Trial subscriptions that were canceled.

How to cancel a client trial

From the Trial list on the Analytics page, you can click the menu button next to a trial subscription and select ‘Cancel Trial’.

You will also find the same option when opening up the subscription.

You won’t be able to undo the cancellation of a subscription once it’s processed, but you can still view the purchase details.

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