If you want to sell packages in your client app, you can choose from 2 options to promote your package.

Add Package to a Task

1. Once you have set up your package, look for the "link" button to copy the website link for your package.

2. Once you have the link, now you just have to add it to a task and schedule it on the calendar for your client.

We've often seen coaches share options for packages 3-4 days before a 4-week introductory program wraps up or 1-2 weeks before a 3 month subscription is about to end.

Add Package to a Resource Collection

1. Similarly, copy the website link for your package.

2. Navigate to your library of Resources and add the link to a new resource.

3. Now add the resource to a Collection, and you will be ready to sell the program inside the client app.

Set up in Client app:

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