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How to set up a Package

5 Steps to creating a package to sell

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You’ve set up your Stripe account, and you are ready to sell and make some money. We’ll walk you through everything you need to understand to set up a package.

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How to set up a Package

1. On your List of Packages page (, click on “Create Package” and name your package to begin. You will be able to edit this name later as well.

2. Next, you will get to set up the details of your package. You will have options to change:

  • Package name

  • Cover image

  • Headline: a short summary or promotional headline

  • Description: describe the services you will provide after a customer purchases the package. There are styling options, so you can make sure it looks good.

  • Pricing: choose between one-time and recurring payments

Set up Pricing

3. When you set up the pricing, choose how you would like the package to be charged. Click “Update Pricing” when you are done.

  • One-time payment: Customers will be charged only once when paying for the package

  • Recurring Subscription: Customers will be charged for the first payment at purchase and then at repeated intervals until the set number of payments is done. If you choose the package to “Renew Forever”, the customer will be charged until the purchase is canceled.

4. When everything is filled out as you want it, do a quick check by clicking on the “Preview” button. This is the view that your clients will see when you send them the package link.

5. Switch to the Settings tab, and you will be able to enable the self-cancellation option that allows clients to cancel recurring subscriptions on their end.

When this option is enabled, your clients can log in on the web at to see a list of their purchases, and for recurring purchases, they will be able to cancel their subscriptions.

6. If you are done with editing but aren’t ready to publish the package, just click on “Save”.

7. When you’re ready to make the package link live for purchase, click on “Publish Package” and a ‘Share’ button will appear to provide a link to copy.

Example of a published package:

Now you are ready to collect money directly on Everfit! 💰


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