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Processing Fees for Payments

Fees associated with Everfit's Payment and Packages

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Everfit's Payment feature is available for accounts based in the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Norway, UAE, Spain, the Netherlands & Sweden. Payment for other countries is coming soon!

To make sure payments run smoothly for you, we have integrated Stripe, the leading online payment platform. There are some associated fees, listed below:

Platform fee

To use Payment & Packages, the Everfit platform fee is USD $9/month. This enables your workspace to:

  • Create public webpages for each package

  • Create automatic recurring subscriptions

  • View analytics for each package

  • Real-time tracking for successful and failed payments

  • View logs for all payment-related activity

  • Receive direct deposits to your bank account

  • Manage teammate access

Payment Processing Fee

The payment processing fee varies based on where the charge is coming from (View fees for all countries).

As an example, for US-based accounts:

  • If the credit card is US based, the fee will be $0.30 + 3.15% of the payment amount

  • If the credit card is international, the fee will be $0.30 + 4.65% of the payment amount

The fee will be deducted prior to the payout to your bank account.

For example:

  • If the payment is $100 from a US credit card, the payout will be $96.55

  • If the payment is $50, from an international card, the payout will be $47.37

*Payment Processing Fee includes any fees from Stripe


Each disputed payment (known as a chargeback) will incur a $15 fee unless the customer's bank resolves the dispute in your favor.

In the case of a dispute, you will have an opportunity to provide evidence regarding your sale. You can find examples below, so it's helpful if you have already documented this information for each purchase.

Payment Processing Fee for Accounts around the World

Due to regulations in different countries regarding credit card fees, our payment processor offers different fees to us. Payment Processing fees around the world will be as shown below:

  • Domestic cards: If the credit card issuing bank is in the same country as the account

  • International card: If the credit card issuing bank is in a different country from the account


Domestic card

International card


2.25% + A$0.30

3.5% + A$0.30


3.5% + C$0.30

4% + C$0.30

New Zealand

3.5% + NZ$0.30

3.5% + NZ$0.30

United Kingdom

2% + £0.20

3.5% + £0.20

United States

3.15% + $0.30

4.65% + $0.30


4.9%+ CHF 0.30

4.9% + CHF 0.30


3.4% + €0.25

4.9% + €0.25


3.5% + €0.25

4.9% + €0.25


3.5% + €0.25

4.9% + €0.25


3.7% + 2kr

4.9% + 2kr

The Netherlands

3.5% + €0.25

4.9% + €0.25


3.5% + €0.25

4.9% + €0.25


3.5% + 1.80kr

4.9% + 1.80kr

United Arab Emirates

3.9% + AED 1.00

4.9% + AED 1.00

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