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My payment did not go through
My payment did not go through

What to do if your payment is not successful

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We're here to help resolve your payment issues. There are a few things you can try if your payment does not go through.

Check all your payment details

Some of the most common issues are related to payment details being incorrect, so you can check all the items below:

1. Your billing name

- Confirm you are using the right name for the card

2. Credit card number

- Is it missing any digits?

3. Credit Card month/year of expiration (MM/YY)

- You can find this date on the front or the back of your credit card.

- Make sure to input 2 digits for the month first, and then 2 digits representing the last 2 digits of the expiring year (For example, "25" for "2025")

4. Credit card CVC

- For Visa and Mastercard, this is a 3-digit number you can find on the back of your card

- For American Express, this is a 4-digit number you can find next to your credit card number

5. Billing Address

- Login to your credit card's online account and make sure you are using the correct billing address registered for your card

Check with your credit card provider

Sometimes a payment can get rejected by your credit card issuer for safety reasons. So a quick way to resolve this to call your credit card company and make sure to authorize the payment you are making.

Common issues:

  • Unfamiliar payment activity (common with online payments)

  • Insufficient card balance

Use another credit card

If neither of the above checks seem to work, just try another credit card and process the payment again.

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