We are adding new features on Everfit every month, to serve your needs for coaching different types of clients. But of course, certain features will not be relevant for all clients, so we have provided settings for you to customize the experience for each client. This could create extra value for you business by allowing you to up charge certain features. 

To customize client features, click on the Settings tab for a specific client. 

Change unit settings

For each client, if you want to modify their unit settings, open the client's Dashboard and choose Settings from the top navigation bar. Units will apply to assigned training and body metrics. 

Customize feature availability

Within settings, you can turn on/off certain client features. These features include

  • Training

  • Body Metrics

  • Progress Photo

  • Messages

  • Tasks

  • Food Journal

Client view

Once the feature is turned off, the feature will immediately disappear in the app, and the client will no longer be able to access it. However, any prior saved data will remain in our database, available when you turn the feature back on.  

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