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Update Unit Settings and Metrics Unit Settings
Update Unit Settings and Metrics Unit Settings

Update the Unit Settings for new and existing clients. Lbs to Kgs and vice versa.

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Setup Unit Settings for a specific client

To update the client's unit settings, click on the Settings tab for a specific client. Change the unit to the correct settings. And if you would also like to update the units for all the client's Metrics, then make sure to switch on the toggle as shown below.

Setup Unit Settings for your new clients

Click on your avatar to go to 'General Settings' and click on Default Settings. From here you can update the Unit settings you would like applied to all new clients.

Update the Units for Specific Metrics

The metrics (body metrics or other metrics) you track may use the Imperial or Metric unit system by default, so we have left it open for you to decide what units to use for each metric. On the 'Default Client Settings' page, you can setup your default Metrics.

2. On the 'Default Client Settings' page, under 'Body Metrics', click on the 'Manage Metrics' button and update the metrics unit for all new clients.

2. From here, you can choose which metrics you want selected for all new and incoming clients. Adjust the units for each metric based on your preference.

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