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How to set up Mood Tracking?
How to set up Mood Tracking?

How to track mood, sleep, or energy levels for my clients

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You have the training regimen and nutrition scheme planned out for your clients. But a big factor of successful training is also having the right mental state and energy levels to power their workouts.

We are in the process of building out a easy and friendly Mood tracking solution for your clients. But at the moment, you can use the Tasks feature to help your clients track their mood or energy levels.

How to track Mood

  1. Start by creating custom metrics for the different moods you want to track

  2. When you are creating the metric, the "Percent" or "No Unit" option for the unit 'Type' will probably be the most appropriate.

  3. Once the mood metrics have been created, make sure the metrics are turned on for the client.

  4. Next, create a 'Body Metrics' task and choose the mood metrics. And add any instructions for your client. It should look similar to this:

  5. Once you client begins to track their mood, you will be able to see the results within the 'Metrics' tab.

Saving the task

If you would like to use the task again with the same or different clients, you can click on the "..." button in the top right corner to save to your library of tasks.

How to track Energy levels

Similarly, all you need to do is create a custom metric to track "Energy Level"

  1. Create a custom metric with metric 'Type' of "Percent" or "No Unit"

  2. Once the metric is created, make sure it's selected for the client.

  3. Next, assign a 'Body Metrics' task and choose the "Energy Level" metric.

  4. Add any instructions and you are done!

This is an example of what your clients will see:

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