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Save a Task to reuse in your Task Library
Save a Task to reuse in your Task Library

Save time creating repetitive tasks from scratch

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For any task you create, whether it is on a client's Task calendar or an Autoflow's Task calendar, you can save it as a template in your library to reuse again.

Save a Task to your Library

From the Task popup, you can navigate to the menu (...) icon in the top right corner and click on the 'Save to Library' button.

Assign a Task from your Task Library

Once you have saved a task, you can reuse the saved Task when assigning a new task.

Step 1:

On the Task calendar view, click on the (+) icon to open the Create a New Task popup. Then click on the 'Choose from Library' button.

Step 2:

A list of your saved tasks will open. From this list, choose the task you want to use and click on the one you want to assign the task.

Note: For now, it is not possible to edit a saved task but if you would like to make a copy with a slight variation, you can simply:

  1. Assign a Task from the Task library

  2. Edit the Task

  3. Save the updated Task and Save to Library

  4. Delete the old version of the Task

Delete a Task from your Library

When you have the Task Library open, just hover on the task you want to delete and click on the 'trash can' button that will appear on the right.

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