As a coach, you've likely used your client's 1 rep max to calculate their training weight. This is a straightforward way to program workouts, but can eat up a lot of time!

That’s why we added an auto-progression feature. This allows you to program workouts based off a 1 RM instantly. 

How to use 1RM%

Choose a client and go to their training calendar.

  1. Add an exercise or choose an existing exercise.
  2. Click Use %.
  3. Add the % of 1 RM you’d like to program.
  4. The weight will auto-complete based on past workouts.

It’s as simple as that. And as you clients hit new PR’s their programming will continue to adjust automatically.

** Note that at least one workout using a given exercise must be logged in order to use this feature. The option to manually update 1RM is coming very soon!

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