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Manually set 1RM of an exercise for a client
Manually set 1RM of an exercise for a client

Adjust the estimated 1RM value for a returning client that's taken time off

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Learn more about Everfit's %1RM auto progression feature that allows you to program workouts based off a client's current 1 Rep Max (1RM) estimate for an exercise. You can program in percentages and your client's workout will auto-populate with weights based on the % of your client's 1RM.

As your client lifts increasing weight for Strength exercises, it may push up their estimated 1RM, and when that happens, we will auto-calculate and set the client's 1RM with the new maximum.

However, sometimes your client may have taken a break and lost some strength, and you may want to reset their 1RM to a lower value. Below you can find 2 easy methods to do so.

Set 1RM for an existing exercise

From a Client Profile, go to the Metrics tab, and then choose Exercise. From there, choose the exercise you want to update, and you should see the Set 1RM button.

Set 1RM for an exercise that has not been tracked

On the same screen for Exercise Metrics, find the "Manually Set 1RM" button on the bottom of the list of exercises. From there you can search for any exercise in your library and set a 1RM value.

After setting the 1RM, you can assign the exercise in a workout for your client using %1RM and the workout will populate with the correct calculated load.

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