Can I add my own demo video?

Of course! Youtube, Vimeo, or your own Upload

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Everfit is fully customizable for your training business. You can use our library of over 1500 exercises, or you can create your own. With custom exercises, you can add links (Youtube, Vimeo) or upload your own videos from a computer using Everfit’s web platform or Coach app.

To add a movement or demo video to your custom exercise, check out these options below.

1. Add video link (Youtube & Vimeo)

Youtube link

You can instantly add videos by pasting a Youtube link. Make sure the visibility setting of the video is set to "Public" or "Unlisted". "Private" videos will not play.

Vimeo link

You can also add videos by pasting a Vimeo link. If you are using a private Vimeo link, check out this guide on how to set up your video to play on Everfit.

2. Upload your own video files

Web Platform

Upload your own videos directly from a computer using the Exercise editor. Just choose the “Upload Video” button. MP4 files are preferred, but you can choose other video types as well.

Coach App

The coach app also has an Exercise editor. When you edit a custom exercise, tap on the square grey box under “Add video”, and choose a video from your phone library, then click “Select”.

Once you click “Save”, your video will be saved to your Everfit exercise library.

Building your exercise library and syncing all your movement videos into Everfit is as easy as that. Let’s begin building your training library!

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