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How to resize your videos
How to resize your videos

My videos are too large to upload; how do I make the files smaller?

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Phones nowadays take amazing photos and videos, but store at increasingly large sizes. A 1-minute video can easily be 150 MB, depending on what camera settings you have on.

In order to help ensure you don't burn through your monthly data cap with just a few uploads and downloads on Everfit, we've set a maximum file upload size.

Question: So how do I send videos over 30 seconds?

Don't worry, we got you! -- Adjusting your Camera settings is luckily as easy as using Everfit.

On iOS:

Go to Settings > Tap on Camera > Tap on Record Video > Choose the video resolution and frame rate you would like to record your videos.

If you choose to record videos at the lowest settings (which we tested is still super clear and smooth), you will be able to record videos at roughly 40MB per minute of video. The higher settings can scale up to 400MB per minute.

Question: How about videos I've already recorded?

If you have large videos you do not want to record again, the best way is to look for a "video compression" app from the Appstore.

Here is an app you can download for free: Resize Video Compressor

Now you're ready to upload videos for your coach or clients!

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