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Other Advanced features you can explore

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During your trial, don't forget to explore Everfit's most advanced features, such as:

  • Autoflow

  • Studio Programs

  • Resource Collections

  • Community Forums

  • Custom Branding

  • Team sharing

  • Payments


Create multi-week programs that include not only workouts, but also tasks, inbox messages, and announcements. Roll these out to 10 or 100 clients with basically the same effort.

Studio Programs

Set up free-style workout programs your clients can start, stop, and restart anytime they want, without you lifting a finger. And monitor their progress easily from their individual profile.

Resource Collections

Create folders of links and attachments you can share with different clients selectively.

  • Nutrition resources ✔️

  • Gym schedules and class descriptions ✔️

  • Your newest YouTube videos ✔️

  • Quick links for scheduling, payments, or Zoom ✔️

Community Forums

Bring your clients and members together into a Forum, so you can post the latest updates, have them share training progress, or launch a Leaderboard that keeps them motivated through competition.

Custom Branding

A picture is worth a thousand words. Add your logo to the app, customize the theme colors, and change the workout image your client sees when they start up the app.


Invite teammates, so you can combine your expertise to create the best workouts and training programs. Share your library assets (exercises, workouts, programs, etc) with your team, or keep them private to yourself.


Connect with Stripe and design your packages to sell one-time purchases or recurring subscriptions. We handle the rest of launching a webpage for each of your packages.

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