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Motivate your clients with friendly online fitness challenges / fitness competitions

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The Leaderboard feature gives you the ability to promote the community aspect of training through Forums or motivate clients competitively as they accomplish your fitness challenges.

Within an Autoflow, add leaderboards to encourage friendly competition and push your clients to keep improving.

Check out Everfit Leaderboard Tutorials here.

Current Types of Leaderboards

Weight loss

Total weight change

Weight loss

Percentage weight change


Highest Volume Lifted


Cumulative Volume Lifted


Total Number of Reps


Total Steps


Total Tasks Completed


Total Workouts Completed

Other leaderboard types are in development. If you have a suggestion, let us know!


Get started with TWO easy steps.

πŸ† 1. Create a Leaderboard

1. Within an Autoflow challenge, select the Leaderboard tab.

2. Click the + Add New Leaderboard button and decide which type of leaderboard you want to create.

3. Customize your Leaderboard by adding a title and description as well as determining the start and end date of the Leaderboard.

4. Select the Create button to save your leaderboard.

5. Now you're all set! When the Leaderboard starts, it will start collecting data and you can monitor results anytime on the 'Leaderboard' tab of an Autoflow.

πŸ”— 2. Connect Leaderboard to a Forum

If you would like your clients to also see the Leaderboard, remember to connect it to one of your community Forums and invite your clients to the Forum.

1. Within an Autoflow, select the Leaderboard tab.

2. Click the + Connect Forum button.

3. From the dropdown that appears, select the Forum that you want to link your Leaderboard to.

4. Select which clients from your Autoflow you would like to invite to the Forum.

  • Active Autoflow clients only

  • All Autoflow clients: including any clients that are Paused, Waiting to Start, or Completed for the Autoflow

  • Don't invite any clients yet

5. Click the Confirm button to connect the Leaderboard to the Forum and see the magic happens!

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