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Can my client add Steps manually?
Can my client add Steps manually?
How to track Steps without syncing Apple Health, Google Fit, or Fitbit
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If your client is not using Apple Health or Google Fit, or Fitbit you can still set up a custom Steps metric for them to log steps manually.

How to create a custom Steps metric

1. Find your "Manage Metrics" pop-up. You can access this by going to your Default Client Settings screen, or going to a particular client's 'Metrics' tab and looking at the bottom of the list of metrics on the left panel.

2. Once you have the pop-up open, click on "Add new metric". Name your metric (eg, "Steps") and choose "Steps" as the 'Type' of metric.

3. Click create and you are done. Now you just have to select it for the clients that want to use manual steps tracking.

What if my client uses another tracker, like Garmin?

We are currently in the process of building out more integrations with different activity trackers, such as Garmin, Samsung Health, and more. We hope to bring all these options to Everfit soon, so your clients can sync their data, regardless of the phone or activity tracker they are using.

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