What is a Tracking Field?

There are many ways to track your client's effort. In Everfit we call these measures Tracking Fields!

Editing Tracking Fields

There are two places to edit tracking fields for an exercise. 

You can edit tracking fields in the Exercise Editor, which will update all instances of that exercise. 

Or in the Workout Editor, adjusting the tracking fields for one specific workout only.

Edit Tracking Fields for all workouts 

From Exercise Library, click on the desired exercise. In the popup, you will be able to change the tracking fields of this exercise.

You can choose up to three fields and arrange their order using drag and drop.

Note: The change will apply for all future workouts.

Edit Tracking Fields for a specific workout

Don't want to edit every workout? Not a problem!

To adjust a single exercise click the dotted icon on the top right and select Customize Fields. From there you can add a field by selecting the + icon or you can delete a field by hovering over it and selecting the x icon. You can also adjust the order by using drag and drop.

Note: The change will only apply for this specific workout.

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