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Scheduling Posts in Community Forums
Scheduling Posts in Community Forums

Schedule your posts in the forums with ease

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  • Available with Autoflow subscriptions only.

Post-scheduling can greatly enhance your forum experience. By strategically planning and automating your posts, you can optimize engagement, maintain a consistent presence, and conveniently manage your content pipeline.

On the web app

Create and schedule a post

  1. From a forum, simply click ‘Write something’ to open a popup and start creating a post for your group to see. At the bottom right corner of the pop-up, you will see the option to schedule the post.

2. Click on the ‘clock’ icon to select a date and time in the future for your post to be published. Select a date from the calendar and a time from the dropdown.


  • You can’t schedule a post in the past.

  • The post will be scheduled in your current time zone.

3. Hit ‘Schedule Post’ when you’re done. To reschedule, you can click on either the ‘clock’ icon or the date & time text.

A popup will appear allowing you to change or remove the scheduled date and time.

View scheduled posts

You can view all the posts you scheduled for the future from the ‘Scheduled Posts’ tab.

Within the 'All posts' section, you can find a comprehensive overview of all scheduled posts, including those scheduled by you and your team members. Meanwhile, the ‘My posts’ section displays only the posts that you have personally scheduled.

Manage upcoming posts

Simply click on the ‘...’ button to find the option to reschedule, publish, edit, and remove your post.

On the coach app

Schedule a post

  1. When creating a post, you can click on the ‘Schedule’ button to select a date and time in the future for your post to be published.

2. Hit ‘Save’ when you’re done.

3. Type in your post content and click ‘Schedule’ to complete. There will be a message popup

View scheduled posts

Once the post is scheduled successfully, it will show up under the ‘Scheduled Posts’ section at the top of the forum.

When you click ‘View all’, you will see 2 tabs, one for ‘All posts’ and the other for ‘My posts’ only.

Manage upcoming posts

You can click on the ‘...’ button to publish, reschedule, edit, and delete posts.

To quickly reschedule your post, you can click on the date label.

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