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Create private group forums for your members or teams of athletes.

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Setting up a forum for you and all of your clients has never been so simple. You can bring all of your communication into the Everfit coach and client apps.

Create A New Forum

To start a new Forum on the Everfit coach app, select the Forum tab and click on Create New. Here you will have the options to add a Forum name, a description, and a cover photo for the group.

Once your new Forum is created, manage your Forum with a few simple steps.

Add clients

To add new clients, click on the invite button and select the new clients you want to add to the group.

Post on the Forum 💬

To post, simply select ‘write something’ and write a post for your group to see. While creating a post, you also have the option to add your own photos and videos.

Tag a Member

You can tag members of your forum in posts and comments by typing “@+name”.

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