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Use tags to categorize exercises in your library
Use tags to categorize exercises in your library

Understanding tag systems for your exercise library.

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A tag system can be used to categorize all the exercises in your library, so it’s easier to sort and filter through hundreds or thousands of items.

Let’s check it out!

Create an exercise tag

Navigate to the Library tab on the left-side menu, select Exercises, and click on the Tags button at the top right corner.

From here, there are three ways to create a new tag:

Option 1: Use the search bar, and an Add Tag option will appear if it has never been created.

Option 2: Use the Create button, name your tag, and hit Create. If that name already exists, you will receive an error message.

Option 3: Another way to create a new tag is from the Manage Exercise Tags screen.

Step 1: Open up the Tags pop-up, and click on Manage.

A new screen will appear, click on the Create New Tag button on the bottom left corner, name it, and hit Create.

Note: You will not be able to add an existing one.

Edit and Delete exercise tags

On the Manage Exercise Tags screen, you can search, edit the tag name, or delete it.

Note: You won’t be able to delete a tag that another teammate is using.

Add tags to exercise.

You can either add tags to individual exercises or bulk select the exercises from the Library dashboard to add multiple.

Add tags to a single exercise.

Option 1: From the Exercise Builder, there is an option to add exercise tags. You can add tags to an existing exercise or when creating a new exercise.

Option 2: From the Exercise Library, select a single exercise and click on the Tags button at the top right corner to add tags to it.

Add tags to multiple exercises / Bulk action.

From the Exercise Library, select all the exercises to which you want to add the same tags, then click to open the Tags pop-up, choose tags, and click Apply.

Note: When adding tags to multiple exercises, the ones being used in these exercises will be highlighted, and there are several uses. This is to differentiate between used and unused tags.

Filter exercises by tags

There are a few places where you can filter the exercises using tags:

Option 1: From the Exercise Library, click on the Filter button. You can search or choose tags to sort your exercises from here.

Option 2: From the left panel of the Workout Builder, click on the Exercise Filters button and select which tags to filter the exercises by.

Option 3: When adding and editing exercises from the central Workout Builder, you can click on the search bar, and then the filter button will appear. From here, you can filter by the exercise tags.

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