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Tasks: Automated check-ins and habit coaching
Tasks: Automated check-ins and habit coaching

How to use tasks instead of email for check-ins, reminders, and content delivery

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The goal of the Tasks feature is to help you plan ahead and automatically connect with clients when they need a reminder, check-in, or extra dose of knowledge.

Remember that email you usually type up and send out on a Sunday? Let's help you say goodbye to that~

Tasks can be scheduled ahead of time on a calendar for each client. And to improve accountability, an automated reminder will be sent on the day of the task to nudge your client. All they need to do is follow through on the task and check it off when they're done โœ… .

Types of Tasks

There are 3 types of tasks you can set up:

  • Metrics: Collect body metric measurements to help keep track of and chart out changes when your client trains with you

  • Progress Photos: Set up a series of tasks for clients to submit their progress photos, so you can visually track their progress from beginning to end

  • General: Be creative and use this however you may want. General tasks let you attach videos, links, files, images, or audio, and receive feedback through a comment thread. So you can ask questions, create a regular habit check-in, share a recipe booklet or a short video, attach a zoom link, send a questionnaire, or promote a flyer of your services, to just list some examples.

Where to Assign Tasks

On a client's overview, just find the tab for Task, and you will be able to assign any task easily there.

Navigating to Task Calendar

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