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Introducing Steps Tracking (Integrated with Apple Health, Fitbit & Google Fit)
Introducing Steps Tracking (Integrated with Apple Health, Fitbit & Google Fit)

How to enable Automatic Steps Tracking for your clients

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Steps Tracking integrates data from Apple Health, Fitbit, or Google Fitness and shows you visual reports of your clients' daily, weekly, and monthly steps. Now, you can set Daily Steps Targets for your clients and easily create fun Steps Tracking Challenges when combining this feature with our Leaderboard and Forum features.

Our Steps Tracking is automatic. However, if you'd like to allow your clients to track manually, you can create a custom metric.

How to turn on Automatic Steps Tracking for your clients?

Go to a client's Metrics Tab > Manage Metrics, then make sure to checkmark Steps (Automatic)

What does Steps Tracking look like in the Client App?

First, make sure your Everfit Client App is integrated with Fitbit, Apple Health, or Google Fitness.

Now, your clients will be able to see their daily Steps Tracking on their Everfit Home Screen.

Clicking on the Steps Tracker, your clients can easily see visual reports of their Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Steps progress.

How to set Steps Targets for your clients?

Access Steps Tracking data from your Homepage by going to All Clients, clicking on a specific client's name to go to the Client's profile, then going to the Metrics tab.
From here, you can click on Steps and start setting the Daily Step Goal

Using Steps Tracking in Leaderboard

Want to make Steps Tracking even more fun? Why not try to create a Step Tracking Challenge using Leaderboard? Go to Autoflow, create a Leaderboard, and choose Total Steps!

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