Create an Autoflow

How to create an Autoflow

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Just getting started? Check out the Autoflow Overview.

Create an Autoflow

  1. Navigate to the Autoflow tab from the left-side menu.

  2. In the Autoflow tab, click the Add Autoflow button.

  3. Add a name, type, and shared setting.

Now that we’ve made our Autoflow, let’s jump into Autoflow Settings to enable the features we want to use.

Share an Autoflow

When you have created your Autoflow, you can click on the "..." menu button and choose "Edit" to change the Sharing settings.

There are 2 Sharing options:

  • Private to owner: Only the owner will be able to see and use the Autoflow

  • Shared with others: Everyone on the team will be able to see this Autoflow and assign clients. But only the owner and admin members will be able to edit the Autoflow.

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