Assign Multiple Workouts

How to assign more than 1 workout to a day, copy and paste, drag and drop and more

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There are a couple of ways to assign more than 1 workout a day to your client's training calendar. 

Assign from workout library

Simply click on the + button on a date, then add a workout from the workout library or create a brand new workout.

Copy and Paste a workout from another date

Similar to copying and pasting to an empty date, you can also copy and then paste a workout to a date with existing workout(s).

Tips & Tools:

Rearrange order of the workouts

Click on the dropdown (...) icon next to the workout title, you can then click on Move up or Move down to change the order of the workouts

Drag and Drop exercise between workouts

In the example below, click on + 1 more exercise or + 7 more exercises to open the expandable popup, you can then use drag and drop on any exercises.

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