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Manage your notifications
Manage your notifications

Set preferences for in-app notifications, push notifications, and email

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Notifications will keep you up-to-date with your client's training and activities. But we understand you might not want to be inundated with unnecessary alerts, so here are ways to manage that flow.

We offer In-App, Push, and Email notifications, so you can pick and choose 1) what you want to see and and 2) how you want to receive these updates.

  • In-App notifications:

    These are updates that will appear in your "Notifications" log, on the web and in your app. You will not be actively notified with an alert. But you will see an alert (red dot) if there are new notifications.

    Tip: To help you save time, when you click on any of the notifications, you will be redirected to view the specific activity.

  • Push notifications 📲:

    These are alerts that will be sent to your mobile device. Our default settings have only the most important notifications turned on, so you are not bombarded on your phone, but you can adjust this anytime.  

  • Email notifications:  

    For any direct messages that you miss from your clients, you can set up to receive alerts via email.

    In addition, you can also manage if you want to receive general email updates from Everfit. 

To start customizing your notifications, click into Settings in the bottom left corner and then choose Notifications on the left menu panel.

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