When reviewing client data you can filter and segment based on multiple factors. In this article we’ll go over what those factors are and why they're useful!


Online:  Clients that you train online.

In-person: Clients that you train in-person.


Connected: Clients that have created an Everfit account.

Pending: Clients that have been sent an invite, but have not yet created an Everfit account.

Offline: Clients that have not been sent an invite.


For gym managers using Everfit, you have the ability to filter clients by owner. This means you can review your entire gym roster or each individual trainer's clients.


Groups are a way for you to assign labels to clients and allow for easy sorting. Groups created within a workspace are shared amongst all team members, to allow for better team-wide organization of clients. Defining the groups clearly will allow you to create and utilize Segments effectively (see below).

Learn more about how to create a group here.

Segment your clients based on filters

Segments allow you to create custom client lists. We've prepared 3 default segments based on the client's connection Status: 

  • Connected
  • Pending 
  • and Offline. 

You also have the option to create your own segments by adjusting the different filters. Each segment represents a collection of filter settings, so you can for example create a list of your "in-person yoga clients" by creating a specific group (eg. Yoga) and filtering for both the group and the "In-person" category.

Segments can also be shared and used collaboratively within your workspace. You may want to prepare a list of your "top-tier" clients or all the clients "in-recovery" or all that are focused on "weight loss". All you need to do is to:

  1. Select all the clients you want to group together and click Groups
  2. Type in a group name and click Create
  3. Click Apply
  4. Choose the Group filter and select the newly created group
  5. Click the Save Segment button that just appeared
  6. Name your segment, and click Done 

Now you're ready to take control of your client list ✌️

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