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Client App: Recipes & Meal Plans
Client App: Recipes & Meal Plans

How clients access their assigned recipes and meal plans.

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Clients can easily view and manage their assigned recipes and meal plans through the client app.

Today's Meals

If there are meals assigned for today, your clients will see those recipes displayed on the Today's Meals section of the Today screen.

Clicking on a meal will navigate to the meal detail screen where your clients can see all the necessary information, detailed instructions, and macronutrients for the meal.

Weekly's Meals

Your clients can navigate to the Coaching screen to see an overview of the meals assigned for this week.

Clicking on the container will navigate to the Meal Plan screen which shows all assigned meals for the week (default is this week), along with the meal categories and weekly nutrition averages.

Clicking on a day will navigate to the Day detail screen where the Daily Nutrition and all assigned meals are displayed, organized by the meal categories (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner...).

Shopping List

Clicking on the Shopping List button will show the total ingredients of all meals with the quantities that need to be prepared for the week. Your clients can tap on each ingredient to check it off once it's already prepared.

Log Meal To Macros

Your clients can log their meals to Macros by clicking on the Log Meal button on the top-left of the meal detail screen.

They can adjust the number of servings to the actual intake of calories. Once the meal is logged to Macros, you will be notified by a corresponding notification.

Replace a recipe

This feature is only available on the Custom Meal Plans add-on.

Once the Allow client to replace recipes setting is enabled, clients can substitute an assigned recipe with one from the Recipe library. This feature lets them customize recipes to suit their dietary requirements, taste preferences, or cooking skills.

Clients are only able to replace a recipe for the current week from Today and next week.

Simply click on the '...' button on the top-left of the meal detail screen then click on Replace Meal. From there, the clients can select any available meal to replace. Once the meal is replaced, the coach will be notified by a corresponding notification.

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