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Create a recipe

Learn how to create a recipe.

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You can create customized recipes tailored specifically to meet the unique nutritional needs and preferences of your clients.

The Pro or Studio plan allows you to create up to 20 custom recipes. You can explore the 'Custom Meal Plans' add-on to create more for your library.

Check out our video tutorial here.

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Add a new recipe

Navigate to the Library tab on the left navigation menu, select Recipes, and click on the Create New Recipe button.

Name your recipe and add a cover image

​It will use a random cover image by default. You can upload your own recipe image to replace it on the Create Recipe pop-up or change it later on the Recipe detail screen.

Add all recipe details

Add Description

Adding a description is not required, but it could help your clients understand the overall information about a recipe, beyond the basic ingredients and instructions as well as the key aspects of the recipe.

Add Category

You can select multiple options to categorize your recipe, including Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack, Soup, Salad/Bowl or Others. For more information, refer to this article.

Add Prep Time & Cooking Time

You need to input either the Prep Time or Cooking Time to publish the recipe.

Add the number of servings

The default number of servings is 1. You can add it up to match the portion size of your recipe.

Add Dietary Information

Adding Dietary Information is optional, but it could help to provide your clients with important details about the nutritional composition and dietary considerations of the meal. For more information, refer to this article.

Add Ingredients

Clicking on the + Add Ingredients button opens the corresponding pop-up with a list of the system ingredients. In this pop-up, you can type the ingredient name to search or click on the ingredient category to quickly display all ingredients that belong to the category you want to focus on.

All selected ingredients will be displayed on the Ingredients list. You will need to add value for each of the added ingredients to publish the recipe, according to the ingredient unit which you can adjust.

Add Instructions

Adding a YouTube/Vimeo instructions video is optional, but it could help to provide your clients with a visual demonstration of the cooking process.

You are required to input either the preparation instructions or the cooking instructions to publish the recipe. You can add the image for each of the steps to make it easier for your clients to follow along and successfully replicate the recipe.

Add Nutrition Infomation

You need to add the basic macronutrients (Protein/Carbs/Fat) to your recipe. The other macronutrients (Saturated Fat, Sugar, Fiber...) are optional. Please note that macronutrients are for only 1 serving.

Save and Publish your recipe

After adding all the necessary information and data, you can save your recipe as a Draft. You will need to publish the recipe to assign it to your clients or add it to the Meal Plan.

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