Sharing Settings for On-demand Assets

Provide instructions on how to manage sharing settings for various assets in Studio

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The sharing settings allow you to control the accessibility of your on-demand assets, including Resource Collections, Resources, Workout Collections, On-demand Workouts, and Studio Programs. There are two main sharing options: Private to owner and Shared with others. Additionally, this provides the ability how to filter assets based on ownership.

I. How to adjust the Sharing Settings for an Asset:

  1. When creating a new asset:

    • There should be a sharing button to open the Ownership pop-up.

    • By default:

      • The Owner is set as You

      • AND Share with org? is set as Private to owner.

    • You can click on each dropdown to adjust the settings to

      • Change the asset's owner to another coach in your workspaces or no owner (shared)

      • Share the asset with others so all other coaches in your workspaces can see and assign clients to it

        • Only the workspace owner or admin role can update your shared assets

  2. When there are shared assets from the other coaches

    • You will see their avatars displayed on the asset containers.

      • If you are a Trainer in your workspace, you're only able to view and assign your clients to those assets

      • If you are an Admin or a Workspace Owner, you will be able to view, edit, and assign your clients to those assets

  3. Update Sharing Settings of an Asset:

    • If you are the Asset's owner or an admin/workspace owner

      • You will need to access the Sharing settings from the action menu of each asset on the Asset page

      • In the Sharing settings pop-up, you can click on each dropdown to adjust the settings of the Owner and Share with org? options

II. How to filter assets by the Owner:
On the Asset page, you can click on the Filtering button next to the Search field to open the Filtering pop-up

  • By default, the Owner is set as All which will show all your assets and shared assets from other coaches

  • You can update the filtering to You to show only your assets

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