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Permission Settings: Add a sub-coach to manage your client
Permission Settings: Add a sub-coach to manage your client

Grant your teammates permission to manage your clients.

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If you have a team of coaches, you may want to give multiple trainers the ability to manage a client’s training program. We’ll guide you through that below.

Grant permission to a coach

As the assigned trainer for a client or an admin, you can click on the “Settings” tab for a specific client to navigate to the “Permission” settings. Here you can search and add additional teammates to manage the client.

After you search and select which trainers you want to grant permission to, click “Add” to save your selection.

Once your teammates have been added, they will have full permission to manage the client, except for the ability to archive and remove the client. They will be able to view and edit their profile and all assignments, including workouts, tasks, nutrition, and more.

Note: An option to grant selective permission will be coming in the next few months

Remove permission

From the settings page, you can click on the “Trash” icon on the same line as the trainer to remove access. Confirm by clicking on “Remove”.

Read more about different role permissions: Team Basics

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