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Client App: Set your personal goal countdown
Client App: Set your personal goal countdown

Set a countdown for your personal goals.

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Setting goals and working to achieve them is a great way to motivate and hold yourself accountable. Additionally, it helps you prioritize your tasks.

Set a New Goal

From the “You” page, click on the “Add” button at the top of the screen to add your fitness goal. It could be, for example, to lose weight, to gain weight, to run a marathon, etc.

Create a Countdown

Now that you have your goal ready to be accomplished, you can add a Countdown timer to keep track of your progress and see when your goals are approaching.

1. On the bottom of the screen, find and tap the “Add Countdown” button to start creating your countdown.

2. From here, you can type in a name for your countdown, then pick an end date for the countdown on the calendar.

You can pick a specific time for the countdown to end, or you can leave it to be “All day”, which means it will end at 23:59 on the day you choose above.

3. To make it fun and personal, you can select an emoji and a background color by tapping on the default emoji.

Set Countdown Reminders

You have the option to set reminders leading up to the end of the countdown.

  • When the countdown finishes (or at 9 AM, if the countdown is set for “all day” and does not have an end time)

  • One day before

  • One week before

Reminders one day and one week before will be sent out at 9 AM each day by default as a notification to your phone.

Pin on Today Screen

If you enable the option to pin the countdown on the Today Screen, you will be able to see it together with your Workouts, Tasks, and other assignments on the main app screen.

Share with your Coach

Countdowns are shared with your coach by default. When a countdown is shared, your coach will be able to view, edit and remove it just like you do.

You can toggle off the “Share with your coach” option if you want to keep your goals private to yourself.

Hit “Done” when your countdown is good to go!

View your Countdowns

Once you create your countdown, it will show up on the Goal screen. And when you have multiple countdowns, they will show up organized by the End date.

When you tap on a particular countdown, a countdown timer will show up with the days, hours, and minutes that are left.

Edit a Countdown

When viewing a countdown, you can tap on the “...” button to edit it. Remember to hit “Save” after you edit the countdown.

From the Edit Countdown screen, you can also scroll down to the bottom to remove it.

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