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Refunds for Client Purchases (Beta)
Refunds for Client Purchases (Beta)

Understanding refunds for purchases made by clients

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We've made it simple for you to refund a client for any purchase they have made with you on Everfit.

Check out our tutorial here.

How to Refund a Payment

1. For each purchase, you will find either one or a list of invoices and payments made by the client. From there, you can click on the menu button ("3 dots") for each payment and choose the 'Refund' option.

2. Once you have the 'Refund Payment' pop-up open, you can decide whether to provide a "Full Refund" or a "Partial Refund", where you can decide the amount to refund the customer. You can refund up to the full amount paid by the client.

3. Once you have decided on the amount to refund, choose a "Reason" and add a note to "Details" that will be useful for you or your team to remember why the refund was made.

Once you confirm and process the refund, both you and your client will receive a confirmation email for the refund.

Fees for Refunds

There are no additional fees to refund a payment to your client. However, since fees for payment processing have already been paid out to Stripe and relevant banks and networks for the transaction, the processing fee on the original payment is fixed and will not change with the refund.

This may come into consideration when you decide how much of the original total you would like to refund for a purchase.
​Read more to understand how Stripe's processing fees work.

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