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My Inbox does not load. What can I do?
My Inbox does not load. What can I do?

Troubleshooting for your message Inbox

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Your internet is stable, but you don't seem to be able access your message Inbox. There are 2 potential reasons, and we will walk you through what to do.

1. Inbox feature has been turned off

Depending on the coaching experience your coach offers, a direct messaging feature may not be available. This allows a coach to grow their business and provide different levels of service, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

If your coach has turned off the Inbox feature, it will not show up as one of the tabs on the bottom navigation bar. If you would like to have this option available, you can reach out to your coach and see if that is a service your coach may offer.

2. Unstable connection on certain Android devices

Everfit uses Firebase, a company owned by Google, to power the messaging service. It has been reported online that certain Android devices have an issue connecting with Firebase when on WiFi.
If your Inbox does not connect when you are using internet through WiFi, please switch to using a cellular network and try reloading the app. If this does not help load the Inbox, please reach out to support and we will look into the situation.

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