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I created duplicate clients. What can I do?
I created duplicate clients. What can I do?

How to archive or remove clients from your workspace

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You accidentally added the same client twice, or you have a client that does not work with you anymore. And now you want to remove them, so you can add more clients.

Don't sweat!

All you need to do is Archive the client.

In this article, we'll explore:

Archive a client from the Client List

Click on the box to the left of your clients' names to select the ones you want to archive.

The Action button will show up. You can then choose "Archive clients" in the Action drop-down.

Archive a client from the Overview Profile

Click on the client's name from the homepage to access Client Overview.

Click on the Profile to edit the client's details

You can archive the client by clicking on the 'archive' icon on the bottom left of the Profile pop-up box.

What happened to the Client's archived account

After being archived, the clients will still get to log in and see their data history. They just can't see your exercise instructions or track any new workouts. They will also be able to access their inbox, so they can always reach out and contact you to join your coaching again!

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