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Standard Custom Branding: Personalize your client app experience
Standard Custom Branding: Personalize your client app experience

Add your logo, change color theme, customize workout background and your email invitation.

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Introducing: Advanced Custom Branding

Learn the differences between Everfit's Standard vs Advanced Custom Branding here.

Our custom branding feature will let you change the look and feel of your client's mobile app. You’ll be able to customize your profile and showcase your distinctive style to your clients with this forthcoming personalization tool.

Access to Custom Branding by hovering over your picture on the left navigation bar. On this page, you can:

  • Update splash screen with your logo

  • Change workout background

  • Update theme

  • Customize banner for client invitation email

  • Customize banner and theme color for client invitation email and sign-up page.

Client Mobile app

Splash Screen:

Customize the splash screen clients first see when opening the app, and choose a personalized background for their workouts.

Tip: A png. or jpg. file with at least 100px by 100px resolution would be ideal. Your logo against a white or transparent background (.png file) will work best.

Workout Background:

Choose a background image from our templates or upload your own image.

App Theme:

Select a color theme for your client’s apps.

Client Invitation Email

Onboard and welcome new clients with a unique banner and theme color to show your unique brand!

A full-length banner should have a width of at least 690px. Smaller images will be centered on your banner.

The ideal resolution 690 x 140 (best resolution is 1380 x 280px for retina screen

The custom primary theme color you selected for the app theme will also apply to the ‘Accept Invite’ button in the email invitation, and the ‘Sign up’ button on the signup page when your clients click on the public invite link.

Last but not least, get the ball rolling by inviting your clients to train with you. Before Exiting the custom branding tab, make sure to save your client invitation and custom brand settings. Voila, your app is now customized!

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