Bulk upload clients with CSV file

Adding Multiple clients using CSV file

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There are 2 ways for you to add multiple clients at once. If you already have an excel spreadsheet with a list of your clients, uploading by CSV will be the fastest.

Once you've downloaded our CSV template, open it using a spreadsheet program like Excel, and use the guide below to help you fill it in.

1. Add clients

For each of the columns, please fill out the information for each client you want to add:

  • First Name (*required): Client's first name

  • Last Name (*required): Client's last name

  • Email (required if want to send invite): Client's email 

  • Category: 3 categories for easy client list sorting. Options: Hybrid, In-Person, or Online (the default if left blank)

  • Send Invite: Whether to send an invitation to create an account. Options: Yes or No (the default if left blank)

2. Save

Once you are done adding your clients, save file as .CSV. If you open the saved file using a simple text editor on your computer, it should look like this:


3. Upload

After uploading the file, you will get to review the list of clients before officially adding the clients to your account. 

Once you've confirmed the details, click "Add Clients" and you're done!

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