It can be hard to communicate the intensity level of an exercise to certain clients. Ever had a client that goes too hard, failing nearly every set? What about a client that has trouble pushing past the point of discomfort?

In the Everfit workout builder we've added set labels to make programming simpler. You can now communicate the intensity level of an exercise in just a few clicks.

How to assign a set label

Hover over the desired set number, click the dropdown arrow and select either regular, warmup, drop, or failure set.

A warmup set indicates that the primary focus is form. A warmup set will typically be at a lower weight or resistance. A drop set tells your client to reduce weight once they hit muscle failure. And a failure set tells your client to go until the point of failure.

What your clients see before they start

Using set labels is a great tool to keep clients at the desired intensity for a given workout. Try using set labels when creating your next workout!

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