Workout Rearrange setting

Give clients permission to adjust their workout schedule

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What is Workout Rearrange?

Workout rearrange gives clients the ability to adjust their training schedule. This feature can be enabled or disabled for any client, at any time.

How can I enable it?

From the client overview, go into settings. From there you can turn on Workout Rearrange. You can also adjust the amount of time your client will have access to. (Read more about workout visibility here).

What happens when it’s enabled?

When Workout Rearrange in enabled your client will be able to view and move workouts from the Coaching screen.

Clients can rearrange workouts by...

  1. Go to the Training tab.

  2. Tap the rearrange icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

  3. Adjust workouts within a period of time by using drag and drop.

  4. All adjustments are automatically saved.

Clients will only be able to rearrange workouts within the time frame you set.

When would I use this feature?

Work visibility can help your clients plan ahead when they need to! In a perfect world, every client would follow their programs to the t. However, that's not the case. Enabling workout visibility gives your clients a little wiggle room. Saving you time and effort for reprogramming.

Will I need to go to the gym on Friday or can I do this workout from home?

Should I plan a hike for Saturday or is Friday a lower-body workout?

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