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Client Management

On the Clients tab, you can see and manage all the clients that have been added to the Autoflow. You will be able to add/remove clients, activate/pause clients, and see other key metrics.

Quick-access List

From the Clients tab, you will see four tabs in the top right corner: Active, Paused, Waiting to Start, and Total.

  • Active: Clients that are currently receiving assignments (workouts, announcements, and tasks) from this Autoflow.
  • Paused: Clients that are not receiving any new assignments from the Autoflow. Any assignments in the past will remain on their calendars.
  • Waiting to Start: Clients that have not yet started this Autoflow. So they have yet to receive any assignments.
  • Total: All clients assigned to this Autoflow.

Similar to the main client page you can filter and sort your list view based on activity.

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